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If you have an RCD when its first installed it is tested with a very sensitive timer that all qualified electricians will have, we are looking to get a test result of faster than 0.04 seconds.
Since RCD’s have to trip extremely fast they have to be kept in good working order – the householder is advised to press the test button every three months (which simulates a fault) to keep the mechanism “free & easy”.

See my video on how to do this which refers to RCBO’s but RCD’s have the same test button.

Have you pressed your RCD trip button every 3 months – since it was first installed?
Probably not.
Will it trip - AT THE CORRECT SPEED?

You may need to have your RCD’s professionally tested with a timer device, (like my one in the video) and possibly replaced.
Contact me to book an appointment for a timed RCD test if you are uncertain.
Once I have done any work on a circuit with an RCD and measured its trip time – and then know it’s working within its required time I send you an e-mail reminder every quarter – to help you remember to keep your RCD’s “free & easy”


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