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An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a professional survey of the electrical system in a property, it is a very useful document for all types of reasons, mainly because it highlights what is electrically safe and what is not electrically safe in the property. This isn’t the FREE quick look and “yeah its okay mate” sort of thing, it can take between 2 hours to all day to go through everything.

Homeowners – The “Carrot” Bit
Have you had building work, kitchen or bathroom work undertaken recently or are aware that the previous owner did DIY work? Did you get an Electrical Certificate or was one talked about but never materialised?

Just because a builder or DIY homeowner may know what “live, neutral & earth” are for and reckons he can do everything “no problem mate” doesn’t mean he understands the implications of resistance. If you read my electrical safety page on you will realise that resistance on a circuit is important, your “trip switches” depend on having a low circuit resistance in order to trip AT THE CORRECT SPEED. Only a qualified electrician has the equipment available to check that the circuit played around with by a builder or DIY homeowner still has a low enough resistance.

An EICR is a professional way to establish that the circuits meet low enough resistance requirements, as well as other safety checks, such as the timed trip test for an RCD also mentioned in my electrical safety page.