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Believe it or not you plan out your bathroom or shower room with the waste pipes in mind first, then work from there. Normally I would say that waste pipes should not be through floor joists, or cut into walls, but there are ways of doing it. There are of course strict conditions in order to meet structural requirements in the Building Regulations. These Regulations are to protect you from dodgy or dangerous work practices, BUT they still get ignored, especially when a customer wants a level access shower, or to move the layout around – the customer gets what the customer wants. I have actually been in a bathroom where the floor bounces up & down, I found a waste pipe had been laid through the tops of all the joists in the room, one end to another. If there was a fire and this floor collapsed before it should do, it would be easily discovered that its structure had been compromised, and the insurance company may well refuse to pay out.
As can be seen from the drawings, the conditions are not easy to follow, I would still use steel traps and plates to beef up the joists after coring through them, you also need to know which walls are structural support and which are not. It is recommended that you contact someone like me with the correct understanding to carry out a proper survey. You also need to know what waste pipe diameter is going to be used for each appliance.